3D Graphics Jobs In Ludhiana

Position: 3D Graphics Designer
Qualification: Degree in computer animation, 3D/graphic design, fine arts, or relevant field.
Location: Ludhiana
Experience: 1-2 years in 3D max and Animation. Experience in Rigging and Concept Designing will be a plus.
Job Profile:
1. Proven experience as a 3D Character Animator.
2. Knowledge of 3D stop-motion and computer-generated animation.
3. Proficient in CGI software (Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya etc.).
4. A creative storyteller with presentation abilities.
5. Proficient in character design and background design with a good sense of color palette.
6. Should be able to direct the aesthetics of a game project and consistently meet deadlines.
7. Comfortable working with deadlines and budget restrictions.
8. Teamwork and excellent communication skills.

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