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Our team of professional resume/CV writers are trained to give you the strategic support and advice which you will need in today’s competitive jobs market. Life at Bhatia Consultancy Services (SOP Writing Services, LOR Writing Services, resume writing services in Ludhiana) means building and shaping your career and becoming a part of our family. We bring on board CV writers who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. They engage in thorough research to understand the precise requirements of employers in the specific fields applicants are targeting. Our skilled CV writers have the experience to effectively highlight your strengths and skills in a concise yet comprehensive document. With our expert touch, your CV will outshine those presented by our competitors. Connect directly with our writers through direct calls and live chat to discuss your requirements and the key points of your CV.

resume writing services in ludhiana

We help you evaluate opportunities on multiple parameters like :

1. Resume Writing Services

2. Job security & Desired Job Profile

3. Remuneration at market rate or above

4. High degree of independence

5. Interesting work

6. Appreciation of effort

Visual CV Writing Services


The conventional text resume has given way to the trend of visual CVs, which are swiftly becoming the preferred choice. These visual CVs offer greater effectiveness compared to their text counterparts. Nowadays, employers and HR professionals favor visual CVs as they enable a concise display of strengths and core competencies in a format that is easily readable and comprehensible. Our professional resume writing services in Ludhiana specialize in crafting visual CVs that stand out. Our experts invest quality time with you to present your skills and experience in a distinctive visual sequence, showcasing your profile in a graphical or infographics format.

Why Visual Resume?

A visual resume/CV is a document that digitally presents your key skills and strengths through images and graphs, minimizing the reliance on text. It has gained popularity both nationally and internationally.

Possessing a visual CV is essential to stay competitive in your career. As you progress in your professional journey and accumulate experiences, you’ll have numerous profiles and achievements that you’d like to showcase professionally. A visual resume ensures that these accomplishments are clearly visible and impactful to consultants, HR recruiters, and corporate entities.

Benefits of our Visual CV writing services:

1. Quick highlights of key skills and achievements.
2. Eye catchy graphs and images.
3. Less time consuming for HR professional /recruiter to shortlist you.
4. Keywords enabled visual CV writing.
5. Guaranteed lowest price.
6. Keeps you ahead in the competition.
7. Helped many job seeker to meet their dream job.
8. Experience in writing thousands of Resume/CV.

resume writing services in ludhiana

We uphold the utmost level of confidentiality, ensuring that no candidate information is disclosed without prior permission.

Our affiliations include partnerships with some of the most distinguished companies in both the Indian and multinational corporate sectors.

Establishing a relationship with us has the potential to unlock new career opportunities for you.

resume writing services in ludhiana

Resume Building Tips: Securing an interview call hinges significantly on your resume or biodata, as it forms the initial impression for a potential employer. Given that employers often sift through numerous resumes, it is crucial for your resume to capture their attention within the first 30 seconds. It’s important to note that while the resume doesn’t secure the job itself, it is the gateway to securing an interview, which, in turn, plays a pivotal role in getting the job.

1. Format:

When crafting a resume, it is advisable to follow a structured format that incorporates bullets, paragraphs, indents, and tabular structures for clarity and readability. Utilizing a standard font size is recommended to ensure uniformity and professionalism, while it is advisable to avoid an excessive use of colors and bold formatting to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Consistency in formatting is key to creating an organized and visually appealing resume that effectively communicates your qualifications and experiences to potential employers.

2. Industry focus:

Instead of fixating on the specific resumes prevalent in your target industry, prioritize crafting a resume that effectively showcases the skills required for your prospective position. Incorporate a moderate amount of industry-specific terminology to demonstrate your familiarity with the field, but avoid an excessive use of jargon, as it may come across as flashy rather than substantive. Your resume should provide a concise overview of your identity and the valuable contributions you can bring to the prospective employer.

3. Educational Brief:

Include accomplishments from your academic or professional journey, as well as any relevant courses you’ve undertaken, even if they didn’t culminate in a formal qualification.

Bhatia Consultancy Services

4. Proper Employment history:

Your employment history should encompass the employer’s name, commencement and conclusion dates, job title, and a succinct summary outlining your responsibilities and contributions in that specific role.

5. Accurate Personnel Details:

Name Address Landline telephone and/or mobile number Email address (optional)

6. Highlight References:

Conclude your resume with the phrase “References on Request” or “References Available upon Request.” While some candidates may omit this, employers often assume you can provide references when required. It’s a good practice to create a separate page with a list of strong references, including their contact information. Having this reference page ready allows you to provide it to prospective employers when needed, showcasing your preparedness and professionalism.

7. Get Reviews & Recommendations on Networking Sites:

Explore social and professional networking platforms to boost your career and aid in your job search. For optimal opportunities, simply upload your freshly updated resume on our website, and we’ll assist you in turning your dreams into reality. We consistently cultivate strong connections with industry leaders to uphold our impeccable 100% placement record.

resume writing services in ludhiana

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