SOP Writing Services in Mumbai Pune Maharashtra

SOP Writing Services in Mumbai Pune Maharashtra

Bhatia Consultancy Services (BCS) is dedicated online Professional SOP Writing Services in Mumbai Pune Maharashtra.

Your Statement Of Purpose is your handshake. And your chance to make a first impression without a face to face interview. Make it distinctly yours, be honest and try and as tempting as it maybe keep the faff out of it. What should an SOP contain? Your SOP should give a distinct idea of you as an individual to the university admission committee.

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This Statement of Purpose should be able to tell in a compelling manner.

  1. what drives you to seek graduate study.
  2. your chosen field of study, why you have chosen this subject.
  3. have you any work experience in this field?
  4. if yes then what kind of experience have you had?
  5. why you are applying to that college, or why are you applying for the specific program?
  6. is it the facilities – or the faculty or something else?
  7. what do you hope to achieve with the education you will gain.

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Universities are not looking for flowery language or great writing skills (unless of course, you are applying for a major in English or Writing) but instead are looking for students with clear and concise thoughts and students who precisely know the reasons why they are applying to a particular university and major. If your university does not provide a word limit, try to restrict your SOP to about a 1000 words. This is not a normal University exam paper, where the more you write, the better your grades will be.

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And also, on a personal vein – what are your interests, hobbies, specific skills, etc., what do you know about the university’s culture – and how you see yourself fitting in, anything unique about yourself, If you bring something to the university as an add on skill or ability, then do mention that as well as any different or difficult circumstance you have endured to bring you to the point of understanding your goal in life.

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