Bhatia Consultancy Services provides professional international CV Resume Writer For Singapore.

We prepare CVs that gets you Interviews. As experts in the Singapore & Asian Job Market, with decades of HR & Talent Acquisition experience, we know what HR Managers & Recruiters are looking out for. Do not miss another opportunity.

We will help you match your relevant industry skills, transferrable abilities and professional experience to increase your chances to get notice. With hundreds of resumes coming their way, recruiters and hiring managers have limited time to read each resume in detail. In a matter of seconds, your resume either makes it on the shortlist, or not.

We come with years of experience in recruitment and know what recruiters look for in a CV and the keywords that hiring managers float out to the recruiters. Being insiders, we know that before the hiring manager calls you for a face to face interview, the recruiter wants to meet you first on paper. Your CV needs to stand apart and look unique to grab the recruiter’s attention. Next, the CV needs to be keyword loaded. And we have an enviable experience in CV evaluation and our core team has a strong combination of recruiters who frame the industry specific keywords and content writers who write industry specific content.

Wanting to make a move up the career ladder, looking to relocate to a new area, or breaking into a different career field? Or, does your resume need an overhaul? Resume Writing gives you a resume written from scratch, positioning you to stand out and get the job you want.

Bhatia Consultancy Services CV Resume Writer For Singapore in India are professionals with personal experience in your industry—and have written countless resumes in that field. You’ll work together via phone and email to craft a job-winning resume that showcases your unique career story, focuses on your accomplishments and reaches recruiters and hiring managers.

Resume Writing helps you take a critical look at your past accomplishments and skills. It’s the perfect way to rebuild your resume for that next-level job or opportunity.

You have about 6 seconds to impress your recruiter:

  1. A professionally organized resume format increases resume rating by 60%
  2. Spelling errors and typos reduce your chance by 61%
  3. 7 out of 10 resumes get screened out by Applicant Tracking Systems , the robots that read your resume
  4. 90% of Fortune 500 companies employ ATS to screen candidates


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